Simon Hartstongue

Simon Hartstongue 1

Source File. This is how I imagine Simon Hartstongue.

Simon Hartstongue is thirty-two summers old and is an itinerant scribe, originally from the White Lands. He was born under the sign of the Owl. He has the ability to read minds but keeps this talent as secret as possible because of the laws of the Lammas Lands, where he is currently serving as scribe and companion to the Overlord Ralph Tregannon. His mother is dead and his father's whereabouts are unknown.

He is a coward and a murderer, but is seeking forgiveness and a way back to the man he used to be. The answer, when it comes, sets him on an adventurous journey far more dangerous than he has ever known, and with people he has never met before.

Can he survive any of the trials laid out before him?

© Keith Olding 2011